Teddy Bare Picnic Packing List

A playful couple in a tent outdoors

Getting Tent Frisky

If you’ve never been to Teddy Bare Picnic before, packing can be daunting. So we thought we’d prepare a packing list for your convenience. Hope you find this helpful!

-Food: everything you’ll want to eat – or cash/credit for the onsite, licensed restaurant
-drinks: coffee/tea/hot choc, sugar/cream, bottled water (stay hydrated!), mix -alcohol -no glass please!-purchase beer/coolers in cans if possible
– a To Go cup for morning coffee, plastic for drinks (lid/straw to keep leaves and bugs out)
– cooler(s) to keep your food/drinks in (ice on sale in the lobby)

-folding lawn chairs, loungers
-blow up rafts/floaties for the lake
-games, football, frisbee, volleyball
-decorations for your campsite
-glow sticks, glow decor and wearables, etc

-toiletries (shampoo, soap, shaving supplies, medications, toothbrush/paste/floss.
Consider leaving the perfume/cologne at home – these attract bugs!)
-towels for the beach, hot tub and for showering
-something to sit on if you’ll be naked (towel, sarong, wrap)
-massage oil, condoms, lube, toys
-blanket – to sit on, wrap up in if cold at night if the temperature drops
-hat, sunscreen, bug spray, After Bite, umbrella
-$$ for onsite vendors of lifestyle friendly wares

You may not need much – we always pack way more than we need!
-sarong, or other partially revealing outfit if you’re not quite comfortable being naked
-something warm for the evenings if needed (some evenings are cooler than others)
-water shoes for the rocky beach
-sexy outfits, themed costumes (check the official site for theme parties)

Camping Gear
-tent, camper or RV
-dining/cooking options, coolers, food/beverages
-bedding, pillows, sleeping options
-decorations for your area
-tarps in case of rain
-whatever you’ll need to make yourselves comfortable

We’re sure there are many more items you’ll want to pack, but if you’ve forgotten anything, it’s a sure bet you’ll find someone camping nearby that will happily share with you! Don’t stress over what to pack, just get yourself to Teddy BARE Picnic, Ontario’s finest clothing optional camping weekend getaway!