The Amenities at Teddy Bare Picnic

Close up of a naked woman with a smiling teddy bear between her legs.

Happy Teddy!

Are you curious about the amenities that are available at Teddy Bare Picnic? We know you want to be prepared when you arrive, so we’ll try to answer this here!


The resort is nestled around a sandy beach and lake, which is clothing optional. Many people bring blow up floaties or rafts to hang out on the water on, and on Fridays Meet n Greet at the lake, the party really gets going. The lake is clear and clean, so feel free to wade in to cool off if the August heat gets to you!

Take a chair with you, as there is no seating available on the beach. Also good to bring along: a drink (or a whole cooler!), a towel, sunscreen, and a hat or umbrella. Pack a snack to keep your energy up! Maybe even enough to share. Nothing breaks the ice like sharing a delicious snack with others.

Bathing and Washrooms

There are washrooms with flush toilets in the main building. The shower room on the main floor has a bank of toilets, and there is another washroom without showers upstairs near the sign in desk. TIP: This washroom doesn’t have showers, so it’s less humid up there, and cleaner.

The showers are one huge open tiled room with several shower heads. Bring your own soap, shampoo, shaving gear, and towels. TIP: Bring shower shoes. You’ll thank me. 2nd TIP: Shower early, or wait til mid-afternoon, if you want hot water.


There are a few rooms (maybe a dozen) in the main building to rent, but these are usually booked right away for the following year. You *may* get lucky last minute, but don’t count on it. The rooms are basic and have a bed and private washrooms, as well as a mini-fridge for your convenience.


There are no designated campsites, just large grassy areas. We ask those in RV’s to park on the lower areas so those in tents can set up on the hill in case of rain. Because we are getting busier and busier each year, expect that you will set up right next to someone else, and often sharing common space. But that’s half the fun on TeddyBarePicnic: partying with and getting to know other couples.

Many couples enjoy ‘Glamping’; that is, setting up camp in a glamorous way, including decorating and creating a fun, playful atmosphere.

Play Room

We set up a huge Dome for our playroom, including many beds, massage tables and a couple of hot tubs. Bring your toy bag, favorite condoms, and lube, and enjoy playing in a large area shared by other sexy couples.

Lube Pit

The Lube Pit is like a big bouncy castle, and can easily fit 20 or more people at the same time. We add plenty of slippery stuff to create a sensual experience for all. Bring a towel to clean off your face after, and a pair of swim goggles isn’t a bad idea!

Foam Pit Party

The Foam pit is a HUGE draw! And it’s Huge!! We set this up near the stage and many couples end up in it, flirting, making out and dancing with others late into the night. With its mesh floor, it’s safe to walk around inside. Those goggles from the lube pit? Also a good idea here!


If you really don’t want to bother with packing and cooking meals while at TBP (and we understand completely!!) there is a restaurant on site for your convenience! Order a la carte as your appetite dictates. Sit on their deck and enjoy a cold one while you watch the parade of sexy bodies wander past.


I’m sure there’s something we’ve forgotten here. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out and shoot us an email or call us. We’re happy to answer and look forward to seeing you at The Picnic!